How to Decode ACI Panels.



To the left is an actual ACI panel from NS (ex N&W) caboose 555087.


The tags are read from the bottom up starting with the START tag.


Next are four tags to identify the Railroad. In this case the numbers are 8550.
So far I have not found a list of Railroad numbers.
If anyone has one please let me know.


The next tags are the ones we are interested in. These are the car number.
In this case 555087.


Next is the STOP tag. The top tag is the Check Sum Tag.


For more information on ACI panels and the check sum tag:
see Ian Cranstone's ACI page.



Now are you ready to try one?? Click here for another panel.






    1 (ONE)


    4 (FOUR)


    7 (SEVEN)




    2 (TWO)


    5 (FIVE)


    8 (EIGHT)


    0 (ZERO)


    3 (THREE)


    6 (SIX)


    9 (NINE)




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